Re: [bugreport] can't search files containing text in .tar[.gz] files, misc bugreports and wishitems

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Pavel Roskin wrote:

 Hi, Pavel!

> >  Here is another bugreport for mc-4.5.29.
> You really should update to that latest snapshot from
> is you want your bugreports and
> feature requests to be useful.

 OK, I will try the snapshot before posting next bugreport or wishitem. 

> >  Search for files containing specified text inside archives (opened using
> > tar VFS) doesn't work properly at least in this version
> > (using Command->Find file).
> Works in the current version.

 Very nice to hear that!

> >  And yet another tiny bugreport: visiting "Right->Tree" 2 times in sequence
> > (without any intermediate keypresses) segfaults MC 4.5.29 for me.
> I couldn't reproduce it with the current version. In general, if you
> report crashes please send the backtrace from gdb.

 OK, will do.
> >  And yet a big wishitem: ability to search for files
> > containing specified string case-insensitive (via "Command->Find file")!! A
> > quick hack would be to add a global setting "Find file uses case insensitive
> > contents search" in order to avoid extending "Find file" dialog.
> Let's forget about quick hacks! MC is already full of them! This
> functionality is already available in the current code (but not in the
> GNOME edition). Another thing to fix, not to add.

 I was only suggesting to make a quick hack, I wasn't writing it :)

PS: Were any of Ximian's patches to mc-4.5.54 audited by anybody?

 Best regards,

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