Re: [bugreport] can't search files containing text in .tar[.gz] files, misc bugreports and wishitems

Hi, Vlad!

>  Here is another bugreport for mc-4.5.29.

You really should update to that latest snapshot from is you want your bugreports and
feature requests to be useful.

>  Search for files containing specified text inside archives (opened using
> tar VFS) doesn't work properly at least in this version
> (using Command->Find file).

Works in the current version.

>  And yet another tiny bugreport: visiting "Right->Tree" 2 times in sequence
> (without any intermediate keypresses) segfaults MC 4.5.29 for me.

I couldn't reproduce it with the current version. In general, if you
report crashes please send the backtrace from gdb.

>  And yet a big wishitem: ability to search for files
> containing specified string case-insensitive (via "Command->Find file")!! A
> quick hack would be to add a global setting "Find file uses case insensitive
> contents search" in order to avoid extending "Find file" dialog.

Let's forget about quick hacks! MC is already full of them! This
functionality is already available in the current code (but not in the
GNOME edition). Another thing to fix, not to add.

Pavel Roskin

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