Re: Patches for editor - edit_key_translator.c

> CK_Scroll_Up_Highlight is not bounded to any key combination
> and CTRL-SHFT-KEY_UP is not bounded to any action. Therefore it seemed
> logic to me, that that binding was missing.

I wouldn't worry to much about unbound keys.

> By the way, the GNOME edition does not include edit_key_translator.c in
> the first place. That only happens when MIDNIGHT is defined which is the
> case in edit but not in gtk-edit.

Of course I know that.

> I completely fail to see the relevance of your quote about the
> SHIFT-GDK_Page_Up binding to CK_Page_Up_Highlight
> Aren't you mistaking the Page-Up key for the Up-key here???????????

Yes, I quoted a wrong pice of code. The events in the GNOME edition are
CK_Paragraph_Up_Highlight and CK_Paragraph_Down_Highlight - move one
paragraph up or down and change the selection.

This corresponds to the binding for Ctrl-Up and Ctrl-Down that move to the
paragraph boundary and the convention that Shift activates selection.

The text edition scrolls the text without moving the cursor on Ctrl-Up and
Ctrl-Down. It's bound to Alt-Up and Alt-Down in gtkedit. I understand that
Alt-Up and Alt-Down are very hard to use in the text edition (if at all

Indeed, if Ctrl-Up scrolls and Shift selects then Ctrl-Shift-Up should
scroll and select. Consistency _within_ the edition is more important than
consistency between the editions.

I'm applying the rest of your patch. Too bad we spent so much time
writing each other and arguing without need. Please don't hesitate to
comment your patches in more details next time. Also you may want to learn
the art of writing ChangeLog:

> P.S. Should I Cc mc gnome org or mc-devel gnome org for these messages?

Simple rule - if the discussion involves patches or references to certain
pieces of code it belongs to mc-devel gnome org  Otherwise - mc gnome org 

Pavel Roskin

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