more feature requests and bugreports


 Here is a list of feature requests and bugreports that are easy to

* bug: In viewer - pressing Home should position the screen not only to 0th
	line, but also to 0th column

* frq: In viewer: there should be a way to scroll right and left by several
	columns using single key (since holding an "arrow right" key gives
	very slow side scrolling). Proposed keys are "[" and "]" as in
	'links' browser.

* frq: jump to byte command in mc editor

* frq: when in viewer, it would be nice to have "edit the file" command, 
	bound to some key, pressing which will open the editor for that file
	and position cursor to the line that is on top of screen

* frq: in mc editor, it would be nice to pipe selected block through the
	command user enters (currently it's possible to call the only a fixed
	set of commands - ispell and indent) 

* frq: 'blocked "Ins" key' - an editor setting, when activated, "ins" key will
	be ignored by mcedit. If ones need to switch to "replace" mode, they
	will have to use menu item (it's already there).	

 All of them are cheap to implement.

 Unfortunately time doesn't permit me to start hacking mc, so I hope that
some kind soul will step in and implement it.

 Thanks in advance!

 Best regards,

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