Re: Patches for editor - edit_key_translator.c


> I would like you to give more details about your patch so that I don't
> have to guess what else you have changed.
I'm sorry, it seemed clear to me. The Ctrl-Shift-Up and Ctrl-Shift-Down
are "forgotten" in the current implementation.
Just to summarize, the current keybindings for the up-arrow are
(analoguously to the down arrow, of course):
CTRL-KEY_UP : CK_Scroll_Up
SHFT-KEY-UP : CK_Up_Highlight

CK_Scroll_Up_Highlight is not bounded to any key combination
and CTRL-SHFT-KEY_UP is not bounded to any action. Therefore it seemed
logic to me, that that binding was missing.

By the way, the GNOME edition does not include edit_key_translator.c in
the first place. That only happens when MIDNIGHT is defined which is the
case in edit but not in gtk-edit.

I completely fail to see the relevance of your quote about the
SHIFT-GDK_Page_Up binding to CK_Page_Up_Highlight
Aren't you mistaking the Page-Up key for the Up-key here???????????

> I'm not applying your patch for Ctrl-Shift-Up and Ctrl-Shift-Down because
> the GNOME edition uses those keys differently. See gtkedit/gtkeditkey.c:
>         if ((x_state & ShiftMask) && !(x_state & ControlMask)) {
>             switch ((int) x_key) {
>             case GDK_Page_Up:
>                 command = CK_Page_Up_Highlight;
>                 goto fin;
>             case GDK_Page_Down:
>                 command = CK_Page_Down_Highlight;
>                 goto fin;
> It's not CK and CK_Scroll_Down_Highlight that you are
> suggesting.


P.S. Should I Cc mc gnome org or mc-devel gnome org for these messages?

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