Status update


Finally I could make some changes that I delayed for "after 4.5.55".

GNOME support has been removed.  The GNOME-specific directories are not
used in the build and are not included into the distribution produced by
"make dist".  Sources from "gtkedit" have been returned to "edit".  Don't
modify anything in the "gtkedit" directory in the HEAD branch - it will
have no effect apart from your frustrations and lost time.

Miguel asked me not to remove GNOME-specific files from CVS, because the
CVS server on is old and has some problems handling files on
branches if the file is removed from the HEAD branch.  Let's see if there
is any demand to create new versions from the stable branch.  Then we
could revisit this problem.

It should be possible to remove unused directories from the CVS working
directory and from CVS/Entries.  Here's the list:

gtkedit gnome new_icons idl doc-gnome macros

Of course, using "cvs up -d" will bring them back, so be careful if your
connection is slow.

The GNOME code will be removed from source files step-by-step, possibly
after applying Walery's patches.

Another change is removing support for curses libraries other than
ncurses.  It is very old and nobody needs that since S-Lang is included in
the MC distribution.

I also enabled large file support by default.  I know that the Autoconf
macro AC_SYS_LARGEFILE is not quite stable yet, but we should be able to
fix it by the time when mc-4.6 is released (I expect it to happen in
December 2001).

Pavel Roskin

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