Re: quick_input patch

On Fri 17 Aug 2001 21:43, you wrote:

> > patch for quick_input in the QuickDialog. Move cursor in
> > copy/move/symlink/etc dialogs to end of string.
> I think there is a good reason why the cursor is not a the end.  It shows
> that if you start typing, the whole text will disapper.
I think, if you press F5, you remember, that if you start typing, text will 
be disappear.

> Modern software usually shows such easy-to-kill text in reverse color or
> at least changes the background.  I remember that Far also does it (cyan
> on black or something like that).
I thnk, color highligthing will be enough.

> Next time please send ChangeLog entries with your patch.
Ok, next time I'll describe it.

C U L8er!
Max Schedriviy                  mailto:max tavrida net

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