Re: clocks in mc

On Fri 17 Aug 2001 23:58, you wrote:
> Hi!
> > 6) clocks in right up corner. If using on Linux, clocks update only if
> > key pressed (may be need to change something in getch_with_delay() ?)
> I do not quite like this feature. It makes mc do "something" even when
> it is idle. If you want clock, well, put them into kernel or run X and
> use them as applet. This is filemanager, not clock-showing program.

This feature is optional. If you don't need it, you may disable it.
Kernel is not right place for clock, and many peoples works in console, where 
current time may be shown only with `date` command.

C U L8er!
Max Schedriviy                  mailto:max tavrida net

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