Re: Fix for another data loss bug

Pavel Roskin wrote:
: Hi!
: > : "Safe save" and "Do backups" don't work on the remote VFS.  Fixing it
: > : properly is quite hard, because it requires on implementation of rename()
: > : on VFS.

What is wrong with rename on VFS? It is work well on ftpfs and smbfs as far 
as I know. And I think it is ok on fish.

BTW, C-q is documented but does not work on command prompt in text edition.
I use Slackware 7.1 based Linux distribution. Test case:

$ echo "[ C-q Tab ]"

There is dot "." in command prompt and nothing in shell.

Another stange bug. Keypad asterics '*' is shown as 'o' letter 
in command prompt in xterm and all is fine in subshell (C-O).

Best regards,

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