Re: Fix for another data loss bug

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Andrew V. Samoilov wrote:

> Pavel Roskin wrote:
> : Hi!
> :
> : > : "Safe save" and "Do backups" don't work on the remote VFS.  Fixing it
> : > : properly is quite hard, because it requires on implementation of rename()
> : > : on VFS.
> What is wrong with rename on VFS? It is work well on ftpfs and smbfs as far
> as I know. And I think it is ok on fish.

I meant the rename() function that is used in mcedit.  There is no
mc_rename() in VFS - it is declared in vfs.h but not implemented.  The
mcedit code seems to rely on the atomic rename() to implement "Safe Save".

> BTW, C-q is documented but does not work on command prompt in text edition.
> I use Slackware 7.1 based Linux distribution. Test case:
> $ echo "[ C-q Tab ]"
> There is dot "." in command prompt and nothing in shell.

Wow, great catch!  In fact, MC sends Tab as is to bash, and the later does
filename completion.

Enter "lyn C-q Tab" - it will run lynx for you!

It only confirms my point that the subshell support in MC is a hack that
should be fixed by integrating the subshell into the MC code.

If you really want to fix it before the subshell is integrated, you can
make a patch that sends Ctrl-V to the shell before problematic symbols.
It works in all currently supported subshells: bash, tcsh and zsh.

> Another stange bug. Keypad asterics '*' is shown as 'o' letter
> in command prompt in xterm and all is fine in subshell (C-O).

I could not reproduce it (XFree 4.0.3, RedHat 7.1).  Try debuging key.c.

Pavel Roskin

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