Re: Updated mc.hint

Hi, Steef!

> > > cc1: warning: `-g' not supported by this configuration of GCC
> >
> > Whare does that -g come from? Perhaps from gnome-config?
> this -g comes from gcc-2.7.2 which did not support debugging information
> at that time for MIPS based machines. Otherwise, the person who compiled
> gcc might have turned that support of for some reason. I deleted most of
> these errors, but apparantly I forgot 1.

It looked really weird because of that.  Unfortunately, Autoconf doesn't
check the compiler warnings (it's hard to parse them reliably).  But next
time you can just specify CFLAGS on the command line, like this:

CFLAGS="-O2" ./configure

> > Anyway, thank you for the report.  I'm committing some patches based on
> > this report.
> Ok, I hope it was helpful for you.

Maybe.  It's better the keep the code warning-free, so that the new
warnings (i.e. those created by new changes) are easier to spot.

Pavel Roskin

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