Re: Updated mc.hint


Sorry I didn't notice your question before.

> The symbol is in libgnome, not in gmc.  It is compiled with libintl, but
> the run-time library loader doesn't seem to know that.
You're right, it is indeed not a MC error. The problem is in
dependencies among shared libraries on Irix. I've crossed this problem
before and shoul have realized it!

> > main.c:2974: warning: statement with no effect
> > main.c:2975: warning: statement with no effect
> Trivial to fix.
Yes, but it is not very important either. putting some #ifdefs here and
there should indeed do the job.

> > cc1: warning: `-g' not supported by this configuration of GCC
> Whare does that -g come from? Perhaps from gnome-config?
this -g comes from gcc-2.7.2 which did not support debugging information
at that time for MIPS based machines. Otherwise, the person who compiled
gcc might have turned that support of for some reason. I deleted most of
these errors, but apparantly I forgot 1.

> Anyway, thank you for the report.  I'm committing some patches based on
> this report.
Ok, I hope it was helpful for you.

Kind regards,

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