Re: Copy full filename to command line (Ctrl-F) patch

Hi, Max!

> > > This is right, but FAR is the best filemanager, and better to make
> > > another FAR, then another Emacs.
> >
> > It's better to have a choice, like the one we have in the editor.
> Why? I want to make customizable key bindings, like macroses in FAR. And one
> default key binding. It's not 'learn keys', it's only binding key sequences
> to functions. May be I'll make this after mc-4.5.55 released.

Ok, I didn't really mean the choice between some preset configurations
(like "emacs" and "intuitive" keybindings in mcedit).

> > To be really similar to FAR, MC should interpret keys directly if possible
> > (or at least store the ctrl-alt-shift state together with the key
> > sequences).
> I think, learn keys + binding will be enough for this.

Well, how do you explain MC that Ctrl-O is "switch to subshell" and
"Shift-Ctrl-O" is "show something fancy" in the "Learn Keys" dialog if the
later has no idea of keyboard modifiers?  How do you save these settings
in the ~/.mc/ini file?

If you simply mean that MC doesn't need all this to be "as good as FAR",
then I probably agree.

> > It should be possible if it's run under X or on the Linux
> > console.  However, the users accustomed to the enhanced keyboard support
> > would have difficulties using MC over the net or on the *BSD console.  I
> > don't know if we should "spoil" our users.
> Yes, I know this problems, but it's could be resolved if MC will store
> configuration depends on hostname/remotename pair. For example, local/remote
> pair from ssh2 session could be find here:
> -----------------------------
> #ssh2 login host
> login's password:
> [login host login]$ env|grep SSH2
> 2672 22
>             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> 	     remotehost             localhost
> -----------------------------

Sorry, I'm afraid I wasn't clear.  I meant that some new users accustomed
e.g. to single escape or to working Stift-Ctrl-O may be confused when they
start using MC remotely.

But I now tend to think that we should spoil users - that's what the
application software is for.  Fallbacks can be graceful.

Your comment about ssh seems to be irrelevant.

> > FAR is the best filemanager because:
> > 1) FAR is for one OS and one terminal.  It's the best if it runs for you
> > at all :-)
> No, I saying about FAR structure, features, interface, etc. This things is
> OS-independed, isn't it?

I meant you cannot have _so_ polished interface if TERM is a variable.

> > 2) FAR looks and acts like a program written by one author. MC does not.
> It's MC problem?

That alone is not a problem.  Having separate keys to switch to the
subshell in the listing, viewer and editor is a problem.  MC acts like a
program written by people not communicating enough with each other.

> > It lacks consistency in many aspects (classical example - hex editor in
> > the viewer). Adding new stuff (Ctrl-F on the command like) overlaying the
> > old stuff (Ctrl-F in other input widgets) would only make the situattion
> > worse.
> It's right, but may be MC need to remove unused and/or double things?

Oh yes.  It's just not always easy.

Pavel Roskin

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