Re: Patch for switching to subshel in editor and viewer

Hi, Walery!

> Here is the patch which allows to switch to subshell
> from internal viewer (Ctrl-O) and from internal editor
> (Ctrl-Shift-O, because Ctrl-O is already taken by another function).
> view.c.diff		- viewer stuff.

What's wrong with `!'?  Why don't you reuse this code?

> edit_key_translator.c	- edutor stuff

What's wrong with `F11 s'?  Is it really so important to access the same
shell used by MC as subshell?

And why Ctrl-Shift-O?  This won't work on remote terminals at all.  Maybe
it's better to redefine "Open" to another key in the editor?  Can you
check what is the "traditional" key to open a new file?  GNOME uses F3,
but how about Far.

> I hope this patch will be included into CVS.

May be for the viewer.  Creating another dependency on the get_modifier()
is not nice - it doesn't work on all systems.

Pavel Roskin

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