Re: Copy full filename to command line (Ctrl-F) patch

Hi, Max!

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> > My suspicion was correct.  Ctrl-F is already used to move one character
> > forward in all input widgets, including the command line.  It is one of
> > the Emacs keys.  It would be bad to use it for something else in the
> > ccommand line.
> This is right, but FAR is the best filemanager, and better to make another
> FAR, then another Emacs.

It's better to have a choice, like the one we have in the editor.  This
means that MC should stop acting in term of keys (like Ctrl-F) and switch
to the actions (like CK_Delete in the editor).  It's a major change.  I'd
rather do it after the GNOME edition goes to the branch.

To be really similar to FAR, MC should interpret keys directly if possible
(or at least store the ctrl-alt-shift state together with the key
sequences).  It should be possible if it's run under X or on the Linux
console.  However, the users accustomed to the enhanced keyboard support
would have difficulties using MC over the net or on the *BSD console.  I
don't know if we should "spoil" our users.

FAR is the best filemanager because:

1) FAR is for one OS and one terminal.  It's the best if it runs for you
at all :-)

2) FAR looks and acts like a program written by one author.  MC does not.
It lacks consistency in many aspects (classical example - hex editor in
the viewer).  Adding new stuff (Ctrl-F on the command like) overlaying the
old stuff (Ctrl-F in other input widgets) would only make the situattion

Pavel Roskin

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