Re: New release

Hi, Walery!

> 1) When should we make the new release?

I think we should make in this month.  Not sure if we can make it early
enough for GNOME 1.4.1 and RedHat 7.2, but we can try.

I think we should inform the translation teams in gnome-i18n about the
forthcoming release, so that they have chance to update the translations.

There are no major issues in the current code - all known security holes
and bugs that can cause data loss have been fixed (feel free to correct
me if you know of any).

I posted the remaining issues several times, but I see no interest in the
list about fixing bugs - most people here want more features, not less

I believe we should impose "string freeze" right now until the release
(i.e. stop applying any patches adding new translatable strings), so that
I can write to gnome-i18n.  Is it Ok?

> 2) Would this be the last release before branch (mc and gmc separation)?


Pavel Roskin

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