Re: Updated mc.hint

Hi, Steef!

> I redid the dutch version.

I've applied it.  Thank you.

> > I suggest that we remove the ftp site from the hint files.  Another reason
> > is that we may have MC both in "stable" and "unstable" directories some
> > day.
> I think we shouldn't encourage people too much to use unstable releases.
> It will cause an avalanche of emails from unexperienced users.

No, the point was to avoid any variable data (such as download locations)
in the translatable text if it's translated without assistance of gettext.
Otherwise you may find yourself editing e.g. Chinese text to update that

> 4 lines too long

I have fixed it.  It's funny that the original translator interpreted
"ESC+number sequence" as "ESC+(number sequence)", instead of the assumed
"(ESC+number) sequence" :-)

Pavel Roskin

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