Re: Updated mc.hint

Hi, Steef!

> The option --disable-nls doesn't completely disable nls on other
> occasions as well. On my installation, where nls is in a separate
> library from the libc, I have to include -lintl in the final linking
> command to compile mc.

You should not have to to anything by hand.  Autoconf should be able to do
it for you.

It's a big problem that some users don't know what the software is
supposed to do and blame themselves and their installations.

Please give me more details about your system (OS, libc, gettext) and the
MC version (I hope it's the one from CVS, but it's better that you state
it expicitly instead or relying on others guessing it).  Also please quote
the error message.

I tried --disable-nls on RedHat 7.1 with gettext-0.10.39 and the CVS
version of MC and it worked fine.

Pavel Roskin

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