Re: Statistics and how do we serve our website users

On 11/14/2012 03:54 PM, Andreas Nilsson wrote:

Windows making up 32% (possibly a little bit more if you add in Vista and Win8) makes me wondering how we can serve every 3rd of our visitors better.
Any ideas?
Since discussing community managers was apparently more sexy than ideas for how we can better serve every third visitor on our most prominent public face to the world, I'll throw in my own ideas :) * Make getting-gnome [1] more prominent. Out of the five items in the navigation bar (GNOME 3, Applications, About Us and Get Involved), "Applications" would be my darling that I would kill. * Try and detect Operating System and base and base the instructions for the Latest Version Test Drive based on that. Possibly offering a Windows Live USB creator?

- Andreas

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