Re: 2012 Annual Report

On 11/14/2012 02:17 PM, Daniel Galleguillos C. wrote:
Hi all folks
I've have been working in a sketch for the Annual report there is two designs options. If you are agree with the design we only need the text and photos in that way we can launch the report in a short deadline.
Hi Daniel!
I think for readability option 2 looks better. It also matches a bit closer. That said, the cover for option 1 is really nice too.
(the text is only for reference)

In the last report I could not help to much, but in this report i want to colaborate as much as possible in design.
I would be more than happy to work together with you on this.
Are you familiar with working in Scribus or are you doing all of this in Inkscape?
- Andreas

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