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On Tue, November 13, 2012 6:42 pm, Juanjo Marín wrote:
>> De: Oliver Propst <oliver propst gmail com>
>>Para: Tobias Mueller <muelli cryptobitch de>
>>CC: GNOME Marketing List <marketing-list gnome org>
>>Enviado: Domingo 11 de noviembre de 2012 13:15
>>Asunto: Re: Friends of GNOME campaign
>>Hi again.
>>I now got two concrete proposals of how to present a Web
>>One option is as previous suggested to do a campaign
>>specifically with the aim of shipping a WebKit2 based
>>version of Web. The benefit with this proposal is that
>>much of the Web teams effort is currently at shipping
>>a WebKit2 based version of Web. This would make a
>>clear connection between the campaign and the current
>>roadmap of Web [1]. It would also mean that the money
>>raised would actually to a large degree cover the expanses
>>of implementing the features that is being listed.
>>The campaign would target the following features
>>-Remember HTTP and form passwords (complex)
>>-User style sheet support
>>-Unsubmitted modified forms warning
>>-Inline source view
>>-DNS prefetching
>>The other option would be to do a Web campaign that list more
>>general features that are missing from Web including:
>>-WebKit2 support in Web
>>-Queue/Read later section of the Overview
>>-Favorites/Bookmarks section of the Overview
>>-Nicely animated tab switching [2]
>>This would mean to present the campaign in a similar way
>>as the a11y campaign did [3], that is not to promise to
>>implement every feature that is being listed but present a
>>list with (general) missing features in Web, (since it would
>>require a very large amount of money to implement all the
>>features mentioned above). The benefit with this proposal
>>is that it would be clear that the campaign is about improving
>>Web by listing user visible features and could by doing
>>so make people more willing to donate.
>>The basic principle is regardless to make people excited
>>about a native web experience in GNOME.
>>The the financial goal of the campaign would be something
>>around k30$.
>>I have made a document that summarizes the proposal [4]
>>Are this something we want to do, thoughts/feedback are
>>very much welcome.
>>If there is no interest of doing a Web campaign either around
>>WebKit2 or a more general one I think its time for other members
>>in the marketing team to step-up present/be more concrete about
>>their proposals, as it will soon have been a full year since the
>>a11y campaign was launched.

Thanks for suggesting this, and you're quite right to get us moving on a

> Hi Oliver,
> My main concern about your proposal is that I think that a list of
> features is not very consistent for a FoG campaign without a clear
> message. Taking into account that Web is not a very popular application by
> now, most people don't care. Don't get me wrong, I support Web, but a list
> of concrete technical features of an application not very popular by now
> doesn't attract too many people for a donation IMHO.
> I think that what we need to make a FoG campaign for WebKit2GTK+ is a
> super feature that makes the difference for GNOME, even better if you can
> use in several parts of the desktop. Maybe Tobias Mueller idea of Privacy
> and Security can be this super feature.

I think Juanjo has a point. The a11y campaign was not only successful
financially but also in raising awareness for an important issue. While
this isn't a requirement for a campaign, we should think a way to best
couch whatever we choose to do. Perhaps we could do that for the Web too.

Part of the reason that Privacy/Security came up was because of some of
the ideological discussion we had at GUADEC. So this is a more natural
fit. However, if there's no one to drive that campaign it may be better to
do something else this time.

Whichever campaign we do, we should make a decision quickly so we can
launch before the holiday season.

Should we have a meeting to discuss this? Perhaps next week? I could even
set up a conference line so we can hear each other :)


> Just my two cents,
>    -- Juanjo Marin
>>-mvh Oliver Propst
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>>marketing-list gnome org
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