Re: Friends of GNOME campaign

Hi again.

I now got two concrete proposals of how to present a Web

One option is as previous suggested to do a campaign
specifically with the aim of shipping a WebKit2 based
version of Web. The benefit with this proposal is that
much of the Web teams effort is currently at shipping
a WebKit2 based version of Web. This would make a
clear connection between the campaign and the current
roadmap of Web [1]. It would also mean that the money
raised would actually to a large degree cover the expanses
of implementing the features that is being listed.

The campaign would target the following features
-Remember HTTP and form passwords (complex)
-User style sheet support
-Unsubmitted modified forms warning
-Inline source view
-DNS prefetching

The other option would be to do a Web campaign that list more
general features that are missing from Web including:

-WebKit2 support in Web
-Queue/Read later section of the Overview
-Favorites/Bookmarks section of the Overview
-Nicely animated tab switching [2]

This would mean to present the campaign in a similar way
as the a11y campaign did [3], that is not to promise to
implement every feature that is being listed but present a
list with (general) missing features in Web, (since it would
require a very large amount of money to implement all the
features mentioned above). The benefit with this proposal
is that it would be clear that the campaign is about improving
Web by listing user visible features and could by doing
so make people more willing to donate.

The basic principle is regardless to make people excited
about a native web experience in GNOME.

The the financial goal of the campaign would be something
around k30$.

I have made a document that summarizes the proposal [4]

Are this something we want to do, thoughts/feedback are
very much welcome.

If there is no interest of doing a Web campaign either around
WebKit2 or a more general one I think its time for other members
in the marketing team to step-up present/be more concrete about
their proposals, as it will soon have been a full year since the
a11y campaign was launched.

-mvh Oliver Propst

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