Re: News posts needed

Thanks to Karen, both news stories have now been published! Thanks Oliver for the initial draft of the GSoC story!
Check them out front and center on !


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> I am not sure what content we would like to put into the OPW press release and >what content we would like to put into the news piece about GSoC. We should >definitely coordinate these, and see if they need to be two separate stories, or if we >can combine them into one.

Sounds as a good idea to me.

> I'd be great to highlight some of the applications or technologies that the students will >work on. >has an easily readable list.

Yeah I thought about that, the reason I did not include specific
projects in the draft was because I thought if we mention some
projects maybe the students responsible for the projects we don't
mention would get hurt and feel that their projects was not as
impotent as those we mention. But it was probably a bit silly of me to
think that way. We can mention some projects as examples.

-Mvh Oliver Propst

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