Re: ATK and AT-SPI Hackfest

El vie, 13-01-2012 a las 12:02 +0000, Allan Day escribió:
> Hi all,
> In line with our new awesometastic news strategy [1], I've taken the
> lead for posting news about the upcoming ATK and AT-SPI hackfest [2].
> I've already written a news post to be sent out in advance of the
> event. Now I'm looking for someone to write a news post after it has
> happened. This should be a summary of what happened, with links to
> blog posts and perhaps a picture or two. Are there any willing
> volunteers? I'll assist by editing it.

I'll do it.

   -- Juanjo Marin

Juan José Marín Martínez
Tlf: 956009437 (Corp. 409437) Móvil: 671596200 (Corp. 696200)
Fax: 956009445 (Corp. 409445)
Informática. Consejería de Cultura. DP Cádiz.
Junta de Andalucía

Antes de imprimir este correo electrónico piense bien si es 
necesario hacerlo: El medioambiente es cosa de todos. 

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