promoting the a11y FoG campaign

Because of sys admin problems we've been unable to get the progress bar
going, but looking at out paypal account, it looks like we've gotten a
fairly weak response (less than $2k).

We did get an LWN article and a mention in FSF's newsletter, we posted to
slashdot and boingboing (though they didn't make the main feed), we posted
to our foundations list, a few of us have blogged about it and I talked
about it on my oggcast.

jjmarin is lining up another testimonial and I hope we can do another push
including that leading up to the hackfest later this month.

Any ideas as to how we can push this further? I plan to incorporate the
campaign into my Linux Conf Australia talk (I'm talking about why free
software is so critical to the public good).


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