[Fwd: Question about the trademark policy and usage of the GNOME logo]

I'm catching up on my queue from all of the travel I've had, and one of
the items that was on my to do list was to follow up on this trademark

I (and the board) think in this instance the trademark request is
something that the marketing team should weigh in on. Check out the
attached image for the proposed sticker. While I like the sticker a lot
and think it's well designed, it maybe touches on some bigger questions
about the GNOME brand and how we want to market ourselves.

This says "Powered by GNOME" and I know that some folks wanted us to shy
away from using terms like that or "GNOME Technologies", though I think
it's also necessary to provide ways for folks to say that there are GNOME
components involved in their products to help people understand how useful

Allan Day and I had a long discussion about some issues connected to this
at FOSDEM (with Dave Neary and Emily Gonyer too) but it was impossible to
come to any quick conclusions there.

This is a narrower request, so maybe we don't need to tackle the huge
questions now, but what do you think about this?

I think it's kind of a neat way of handling our problem (though I'd of
course ask them to include the "TM", etc to comply with our policy - so
don't worry about that part).


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Subject: Question about the trademark policy and usage of the GNOME logo
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Concerning the GNOME trademark policy:

I'm Teemu Otala from NixStickers.com (site still under construction).
NixStickers.com will be a webshop where one can purchase reasonable priced
OpenSource related stickers; *nix like distros, software (Apache, Tomcat,
etc) and programming languages (Python, Perl, etc). The selection will
depend on the responses/approvals from the trademark/logo owners.
Estimated price for a sticker is around 0.70-1 euros at the moment.
The idea is to raise the awareness of OpenSource software with fashionable
stickers that developers and users can use to decorate their hardware.
The site is not non-profit, but it is not really about making money either
as this site is more of a hobby for me.

I would like to request your permission to use GNOME logo and perhaps text
GNOME (with R) on a sticker - see attached file for early draft version.
Could you please respond if this request can be approved even partially,
and if so what should be changed in the sticker design.

The original idea is to get these ready for LinuxTag2012 in Berlin, I
would like to visit GNOME stand to give out some free GNOME stickers.

Best Regards,

  Teemu Otala
  +358-40-841 6966

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