Volunteers needed for the Desktop Summit!

Hi all,

I am looking for a volunteer to help out with the GNOME side of things
at the Desktop Summit during registration (Friday evening at c-base
and Saturday morning at the university), specifically the following:

- arrange for Friends of GNOME donations to be taken (including
equipment, maybe ask for the computers from the GNOME boxes, I can
help with screens, keyboards, etc)
- arrange for GNOME merchandise to be sold (t-shirts, etc), this
includes making sure the merchandise is in the right place, at the
right time
- find trustworthy volunteers to man the stand
- set up the equipment at the stand and break it down

..there will be a table provided for exactly this purpose near the
registration. I can recommend a few places in Berlin which will do the
printing and Andreas Nilsson will get some of the more recent GNOME
designs together.

I live in Berlin, so I can receive anything which needs to be sent
here in the post and return things which need sending off somewhere
after the summit.

Any takers? :) Do let me know even if you only want to volunteer for
helping out at the stand!

I am not subscribed to the marketing mailing list, so please CC me!

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