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Hey Andreas,

Am 04.01.2011 15:10, schrieb Andreas Nilsson:

really nice work, thank you! It is a big improvement over the last
design, which was already great. A few ideas, not necessarily connected
to your design, though:

* We might want to highlight the amounts that our friends will
eventually contribute a bit more. You don't see how much we ask a friend
to give until you click one of the buttons. That might put some
potential friends off.

* I think Stormy made this great deal with LWN and we will give out an
LWN subscription for the first 500 subscribers in 2011 or so. This does
not seem to be highlighted anywhere on the page.

* Not a big deal, but can we remove the T-Shirt size after a friend has
chosen not to receive a gift?

* Jaap did these great Amazon search plugins for Firefox and Epiphany.
We might want to promote these in addition to the Gnome store. I think
that there is a lot more potential in these plugins than in a store
purchase, because people might do one purchase at the store and then
forget but will keep the search plugin around like forever. Also, at
least in Germany, Amazon did add the referral fee to the prices at the
stores the last time I looked, so the search plugins might be a better
deal for our friends.

* Finally, I think that the FoG program is a bit US centric right now.
There might be a lot of potential that we miss here. We might want to
translate the page into multiple languages. We might want to check, if
we can find charitable organizations in other jurisdictions that would
be willing to take donations on our behalf and then spend it on Gnome
love (think of Wau Holland Foundation as an example, who does this for
Wikileaks ;). That way, a FoG donation would be tax-deductible in more
jurisdictions or we could offer some other kinds of money transfer that
is more common in a jurisdiction. Also, it should be technically
possible to detect where our friends are coming from and convert the
amount into their currency. Maybe just provide a box to choose the
currency. For some friends, it may not be obvious that Paypal will
convert to their native currency or they just wont take the hassle to
convert it themselves beforehand to check if it is a feasible amount for
them to spend.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


:-) Patrick
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