Re: bad press in the G+ circles/press

On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 12:59, Allan Day <allanpday gmail com> wrote:
> Luc Pionchon <pionchon luc gmail com> wrote:
>> What about?
>> - be open
>> - listen to the feedback,
>> - don't give canned answers
>> - engage in constructive discussion,
>> - avoid derision
>> - show interest in feedback
>> - get to the facts;
>> - go to the source, tackle rumors; what is it founded on?
>> - if needed, go through a few levels of "why" to reach the point
>> - use numbers
>> - avoid vague quantities "so many", "a lot", "several", etc.
>> - encourage people to report more formal feedback (mailing list, buzilla, wiki)
>> - really, listen to the feedback
> That's a really good list! (It would be awesome if you or anybody else
> wanted to do a wiki page on dealing with feedback... ;) )

This is easy to do. Where would you put it?

> One thing I would say though - some of those things (constructive
> discussion, get to the facts, go to the source) don't work so well on
> public discussions in my experience. They're great things to do, but
> they only tend to work when you're have a discussion with a small
> group or even on a one to one basis.

I don't quite get it (sorry).
Do you mean that discussion between many passionate partisans tend to be messy?

What I mean is that, if you enter the discussion, do it in a
constructive way. It's about tackling empty, fallacious, or too vague
statements ; and get to the point. It's about pro-actively extracting
valuable feedback.

Unhappy users clearly have something to say. But they do not have to
wear white gloves and serve it to you on a plate. It is their freedom
to just vomit it. On the other hand the authors of a project should be
open to feedback, it's then up to them to go and extract the feedback.

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