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Hi Jos,

I agree that we need more and better screenshots. Having a nice page on would be good too.

I put the screenshots I found on the wiki here:

I'm thinking this would be a great project for the people applying for the Outreach project that need to do a project as part of their application. I'm going to go try to talk one of them into it now!


On Mon, Oct 11, 2010 at 6:39 AM, Jos Poortvliet <jospoortvliet gmail com> wrote:
On Monday 04 October 2010 17:49:16 Paul Cutler wrote:
> Hi GNOME Marketing Team!
> I received an email from the Desktop Summit 2011 team late yesterday with
> an urgent request for a website they are building targeting the press that
> is going up Wed.  From the email:
> Could you please help out with two-three screenshots representative for
> what GNOME software is about? One for desktop form factor, one for
> handheld, one for tablet, perhaps also some demo video embedddable from
> vimeo, youtube and similar? Thanks. Idea is to give journalists some
> easy-to-pick nice pictures/videos to use in their writings

In general, having a page with some nice screenshots (compare for example what
KDE has here: ) would be very
helpful. I am trying to create a 'slideshow' with cool GNOME screenshots but
there are a few things making it harder:
- no good 'official' screenshots on (that I know off) and most
screenshots I can find are not with the default GNOME look and feel
- GNOME3 screenshots are a bit outdated.

I have installed a clean GNOME install on openSUSE but that's also not
vanilla, with the modified panel setup and all. It's fine for openSUSE promo
purpose, of course - but not for general GNOME. I will share what I have made
once it is done - but note that it will be openSUSE, not vanilla.

> Does anyone have any ideas - screenshots (preferably of GNOME 3.0) - I
> think we want to focus on GNOME Shell as that is what will be released by
> the time of the Desktop Summit next summer.  Any videos on the GNOME Miro
> community? I think we can just focus on the desktop - we don't have a
> formal handheld or tablet experience yet.
> Thanks for the help - I'll help compile anything we find tonight and
> forward it on.
> Paul

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