Re: Urgent - Screenshots needed


To give the full story, the requirement is basically a screenshot to put
on the desktop summit website.

The site will have 5 or 6 pages:

Front page: conference site, date, (Aug 6 - 12 2011) photos of selected
previous keynotes, brief description of conference vision & goals, links
to sub-pages: About, Agenda, Location, Press, "Sponsorship opportunities"

About will have information about the conference, previous editions, and
information on GNOME & KDE. Here's where we need a screenshot.

Agenda will have an outline of the conference format we've agreed on

Location will have information about Berlin

Press will have announcements (the announcement of the conference is the
only one for the moment)

Sponsors will have a pitch to sponsors.

Also, there are some various other pages: Contact, Legal (a required

The site should be going live this week (announcement Wednesday, perhaps).


Paul Cutler wrote:
> Hi GNOME Marketing Team!
> I received an email from the Desktop Summit 2011 team late yesterday
> with an urgent request for a website they are building targeting the
> press that is going up Wed.  From the email:
> Could you please help out with two-three screenshots representative for what
> GNOME software is about? One for desktop form factor, one for handheld, one
> for tablet, perhaps also some demo video embedddable from vimeo, youtube and
> similar? Thanks. Idea is to give journalists some easy-to-pick nice
> pictures/videos to use in their writings
> Does anyone have any ideas - screenshots (preferably of GNOME 3.0) - I
> think we want to focus on GNOME Shell as that is what will be released
> by the time of the Desktop Summit next summer.  Any videos on the GNOME
> Miro community?  I think we can just focus on the desktop - we don't
> have a formal handheld or tablet experience yet.
> Thanks for the help - I'll help compile anything we find tonight and
> forward it on.
> Paul

Dave Neary
GNOME Foundation member
dneary gnome org

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