Re: Updated Ambassador Brochures

On Sun, Jun 13, 2010 at 11:15 AM, Sriram Ramkrishna <sri ramkrishna me> wrote:
> This looks pretty good.  I'm not completely sold on the wording of the
> mission statement, but I don't have a strong opinion either way.  Not enough
> to try to re-write it anyways. :-)

Our mission is to make sure everyone has access to a free desktop. So
instead of "help you use your computer" perhaps we could say "to make
sure everyone has access to free desktop technology". Although I would
look for a better word than technology.

>> 2. Need answer to the following question.
>>     What do I have to change? (i.e. when Gnome 3 comes out)

Users will not need to change. They can continue to use GNOME 2.
However, how things change for them is probably more up to the
distribution they use than to us.

We could mention here that you won't need to change anything. The new
features in GNOME will make it easier for you to focus on the tasks
you want to be working on. Your desktop will alert you of things you
wanted to be notified of but it won't interrupt you.

>> -------------------
>> Gnome 3 for Sponsors
>> 1. Recall the discussion which we had in the recent past about creating
>> multiple layers for sponsors (refer to thread -New donators roles)
>> I have updated some of that info in this brochure  Gnome 3 for Sponsors 2
>> - need feedback. (Its a strategic question - not sure if just creating it on
>> a brochure is enough)

Maybe you should add this to the thread about sponsorships. Or start a
new thread if you think that's appropriate. You'll probably get more
feedback that way.

>> Gnome 3 for Sponsors, does not have the new roles info.
>> 2. site is not up yet? Any update.
>> 3. Are we allowed to use firm logos, what type of consent do we need?

We would have to ask. We have permission to use them on the website. I
can help ask.

>> 4. What do I do about:
>>   - Immendio?
>>   - OpenedHand?
>>   - Sun?
>> since they got acquired - what logos to use?

Please see the link above with the most recent logos.

> The brochure doesn't really talk about Gnome3 so I don't know how these
> questions relate to that brochure in that context.

Is this supposed to be a GNOME 3 brochure or a general GNOME brochure?

A couple of other comments.

* Instead of a picture of me in the about Foundation, I think we
should us a picture of several GNOME folks doing something together.
* The list of company sponsors is outdated. The latest is always shown
at the bottom of


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