Updated Ambassador Brochures

Hi Folks

Sorry about the delay (but finally I managed to clean them up). Please check out the brochure text / layout (still pending Art work) @:

Need the following feedback:
Gnome 3 for Existing Users

1. In the message section we say that we had our last major release 7 years ago. Is that correct?

2. Need answer to the following question.
    What do I have to change? (i.e. when Gnome 3 comes out)

Gnome 3 for Sponsors

1. Recall the discussion which we had in the recent past about creating multiple layers for sponsors (refer to thread -New donators roles)
I have updated some of that info in this brochure  Gnome 3 for Sponsors 2 - need feedback. (Its a strategic question - not sure if just creating it on a brochure is enough)

Gnome 3 for Sponsors, does not have the new roles info.

2. getgnome3.org site is not up yet? Any update.

3. Are we allowed to use firm logos, what type of consent do we need?

4. What do I do about:
  - Immendio?
  - OpenedHand?
  - Sun?

since they got acquired - what logos to use?

5. info gnome org (is this email active)?

6. Any new apps for Gnome 3 that we should list:
   Currently we have: Tomboy, Deja Dup, Simple Scan

Gnome 3 for Technical Users (folks we want to get)

Most of the stuff above.

Any other feedback you may have.

Best Regards

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