YouTube NFP Status for GNOME official

Hi folks,

So, as some of you already know, Stormy and I have worked to get YouTube
Non-Profit Status for the GNOME Foundation.  Yesterday, Google
officially informed us that we have been granted such status.

What this means?  We can post longer videos!  YEAH!  Now we can actually
post our talks in its entirety on the channel.  After I'm back from my
next series of travels, I'll post the videos from our CSUN GNOME

Some things we need to think about going forth:

- This is our channel.  Now we
need someone to beautify the channel.  Any volunteers?

- Access:
Currently, only Stormy and I have login access to the channel.  This can
be a problem because
A)   If we stay as the only access caretakers of the channel, that means
someone who has long videos has to give it to us and we upload them.
The problem is, how do we accept long videos from the individuals?
Can't email it to us... too big.   

I also think neither Stormy nor I want to be the sole video uploaders to
the site.  In theory, we should be seeing a lot of videos coming in from
now on.  And we all have plenty on our plates as it is.

B)  If we give out the login password, how do we control this so that
not too many people have access and end we end up having too many people
with passwords and no way to control this.  (I sure wish Google offered
some sort of user access management tool.)

I really don't have a good clear answer on these two issues.   How do we
handle it elsewhere?  Any ideas/suggestions?


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