Re: GNOME Installation Howtos

On Tue, 2010-02-16 at 11:42 -0500, Darton Williams wrote:
> Hi All,
> In reference to
> The only existing links to Howtos were for *BSD. Since these guides
> were on the official distribution websites, it made sense to try and
> find guides on the official site for each of the other listed distros.
> However, many are nonexistent and others such as PCLinuxOS recommend a
> fork built with GNOME.
> So the question is, should we find reliable unofficial guides (e.g.
> howtoforge) to fill in the blanks, or simply remove the distros
> without official guides and try to focus on the distros with? I've
> started this with the 2.28 list, taking the distros listed on older
> versions which do have official guides.
> Also, I think the distinction between the versions and the presence of
> different distros in each version list may confuse people.
> Best,
> dartonw

Hi Darton,

First, thank you so much for helping review and edit the content.

For both the Distributions and the Installation page, I agree that the
presence of multiple versions is confusing.  I believe we should only
link to the latest release, in this case 2.28.  (I also think we should
list the distros alphabetically to avoid the perception of playing

For installation, I think the original intent of that page was to give
an overview for building from source or using jhbuild, not for
upgrading / installing GNOME on distros.  I think the distro support and
unofficial guides should be out of scope for our website. (Copying the
marketing list for feedback on this).


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