Re: What keywords would you use for GNOME?

On Mon, Feb 1, 2010 at 3:34 AM, Claus Schwarm <clschwarm googlemail com> wrote:

Provided the keywords are remotely related to the product being
advertised, CTR is not so muched determined by the keywords, but by
the copy and its interaction with the keywords.

Very good point. I've attached the ads in each campaign. We have one ad that's over 1% CPR in one campaign.

Example 1:

Someone searching for "debian gnome" is really unlikely to click on an
ad for a women outreach program.

That does appear to be true. :)  I'm going to move some of the women outreach campaign keywords to the Friends of GNOME campaign.

Example 2:

The copy for the keyword "free software" doesn't repeat it in the
header. Instead of writing:

   Join the Free Desktop
   Support GNOME, the Free Software
   Desktop Accessible to Everyone.

you should test:

   A Free Software Desktop
   Join us in Supporting GNOME, the
   Free Software Desktop Project.

Will do. Thanks.

Something similar holds for the other important keywords.

However, you seem to be running tests right now, for I got different
copy for the same keyword(s). Maybe you should post the report about
the test results?

Attached are the ads and the CTR. I'm not sure how to display campaign/ad/keyword/CTR's but I'll work on the best way to report things.

Of course, if you still like to try other keywords, why not use Google
Keyword Suggestion Tool [1]?

I did use it initially. I'll try again. I'm open to any keyword/ad suggestions too.

Thanks so much for the feedback!


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