Re: GNOME Free Agent T-shirt Proposal

On Tue, 2010-04-06 at 15:08 -0500, Brian Cameron wrote:

> With the photo would appear the following text:
>    [GNOME Logo] Free Software - Powering [OLPC logo] & [Sugar Labs logo]
> Perhaps some additional text under the photograph or under the logo
> would be nice like "Helping previously marginalized children throughout
> the developing world learn, achieve and begin to transform their
> communities"

I'd prefer no text, just the image, and I like this one

I add some GNOME feet.

> I was thinking that we could make two versions of the t-shirt.  One
> version to sell for $20 that has nothing on the back.  A second version
> will have the following text on the back and would be given away for
> no-charge to volunteers who work on GNOME but do not work for a company
> that works on GNOME.  People who work on GNOME for a company would pay
> $25 for the second version of the tshirt with this text on the back:
>             Free Agent
>     GNOME Free Software Volunteer

I prefer just "GNOME Free Agent", more mistety message

> I am hoping that people on the marketing-list can help with:
> 1) What do people think of this proposal?  Any ideas on how to further
>     improve it?

It is good idea

> 2) As I mention above, Dongyun is agreeable to creating an image that
>     is more focused on the relationship between GNOME, SugarLabs, and
>     OLPC.  Any ideas or direction that we could give to Dongyun would
>     be helpful.

I think that a image is good enough with the icons. I prefer a T-shirt
with a nice simple design and no too much words.

> 3) Perhaps the proposed image above is a bit too busy.  Do people have
>     suggestions on whether the image created for this t-shirt should be
>     changed?  Should less colors be used for an image intended for a
>     t-shirt, for example? with some GNOME feet
scattered on. 

> 4) I need someone with graphic design skills to put together a mock
>     up image of the t-shirt to help facilitate moving this forward.
>     Can anyone help?

Sorry, no design skills by now :)


-- Juanjo

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