GNOME Free Agent T-shirt Proposal

GNOME Marketing Team

Over the past several months, I have been trading emails with the OLPC
and SugarLabs folks about an opportunity to create a t-shirt to
promote that GNOME free software benefits humanitarian projects like
OLPC and Sugar Labs, and to provide a nice reward for volunteers within
the GNOME community.  Based on my rough textual design ideas I have
gotten permission from both OLPC and SugarLabs to go ahead with using
their logos in this way, though they obviously want to review a final
mock-up of what the t-shirt will look like before giving a formal

So, I have been thinking of creating a "GNOME Free Agent" t-shirt.  I
like this name since "Free Agent" is a fun play on words and can be
interpreted in different ways including being an independent GNOME

Dongyun Lee ( does artwork for OLPC and has
volunteered to provide artwork to use on the t-shirt for no charge
(though he does want 2 free t-shirts for himself and his wife which
seems reasonable).  Rather than a photograph of children using OLPC
units (photographs are hard to make look nice on tshirts), he suggested
using some of his OLPC line art.  For example, you can see some work he
did for OLPC here:

Both Dongyun and myself think this particular image would work nicely
on a t-shirt:

Dongyun has volunteered to create some custom artwork for this t-shirt
if we can provide direction.  Some people I have shown this image to
think it is a bit too busy, so perhaps something a bit toned down would
be better.  Thoughts?

With the photo would appear the following text:

  [GNOME Logo] Free Software - Powering [OLPC logo] & [Sugar Labs logo]

Perhaps some additional text under the photograph or under the logo
would be nice like "Helping previously marginalized children throughout
the developing world learn, achieve and begin to transform their

I was thinking that we could make two versions of the t-shirt.  One
version to sell for $20 that has nothing on the back.  A second version
will have the following text on the back and would be given away for
no-charge to volunteers who work on GNOME but do not work for a company
that works on GNOME.  People who work on GNOME for a company would pay
$25 for the second version of the tshirt with this text on the back:

           Free Agent
   GNOME Free Software Volunteer

I am hoping that people on the marketing-list can help with:

1) What do people think of this proposal?  Any ideas on how to further
   improve it?
2) As I mention above, Dongyun is agreeable to creating an image that
   is more focused on the relationship between GNOME, SugarLabs, and
   OLPC.  Any ideas or direction that we could give to Dongyun would
   be helpful.
3) Perhaps the proposed image above is a bit too busy.  Do people have
   suggestions on whether the image created for this t-shirt should be
   changed?  Should less colors be used for an image intended for a
   t-shirt, for example?
4) I need someone with graphic design skills to put together a mock
   up image of the t-shirt to help facilitate moving this forward.
   Can anyone help?



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