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- Content team: cleanup your status page to have only 2.28 stuff and<br>
use links to previous discussion/decisions on wgo content. This will<br>
probably make it less confusing for new contributors.<br>
- Content team: maybe you should work on the content in the wiki until<br>
we have the test website in GNOME servers to avoid infrastructure<br>
distractions. For this milestone you probably won&#39;t be doing to much<br=
content writing anyway. Just a note for the future.<br>
</blockquote><div><br><br>Per Lucas&#39; suggestion, I&#39;ve done a first =
draft of cleaning up the Content page at: <a href=3D"http://live.gnome.org/=
ntTwentyseven/Content</a>.=A0 I removed the old sitemap recommendation, and=
 linked to it instead (see the &quot;Reference&quot; section at the bottom =
of the page).<br>
<br>I also added a paragraph on getting involved, and created a table that =
does a couple of things:<br><br>* Lists all pages that we discussed for the=
 last milestone, and if they&#39;re due for 2.28. or 2.30<br>* Shows pages =
that needed to be created, and if it maps to a page in the 2007 draft of co=
ntent. and if so the original page&#39;s name and if a first draft was comp=
leted (copy found on the test site)<br>
* Adds an Author column - If you are interested in writing the copy for thi=
s page, please add your name to that row (I&#39;m going to help write copy,=
 but I&#39;ll wait a few days before adding my name and let everyone have a=
 chance to grab the pages they want to write)<br>
<br>A couple of things on the table:=A0 I can&#39;t decide if it should ref=
lect all pages, or just what we need for 2.28.=A0 I&#39;m also sure we are =
missing sub-pages - see the recent discussion on Developers, and Friends of=
 GNOME is a good example - the Friends page is called out, but if you look =
at wgo, we have sub-pages that exist today wgo that are not reflected on th=
e current site map.=A0 This needs to be finalized for the June 15th milesto=
<br>Lucas also mentioned starting to draft our copy on the wiki.=A0=A0 I&#3=
9;ve created pages to do that, and are linked to under &quot;Content Develo=
pment&quot; towards the bottom of the Content page on lgo.=A0 If you add yo=
ur name to the Author column, feel free to start drafting copy on those pag=
<br>Our major goal of the next milestone is just finishing the sitemap.=A0 =
Looking ahead to July 15th, we need to have Front page, About and Contact c=
ontent done, and work with the Design team to have artwork completed for th=
ose pages.<br>


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