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> Milestone goals:
> http://live.gnome.org/GnomeWeb/TwoPointTwentyseven#head-a1b48fa0eb8248143bf402dea04f4a0b72e43050
> Suggestions:
> - Content team: cleanup your status page to have only 2.28 stuff and
> use links to previous discussion/decisions on wgo content. This will
> probably make it less confusing for new contributors.
> - Content team: maybe you should work on the content in the wiki until
> we have the test website in GNOME servers to avoid infrastructure
> distractions. For this milestone you probably won't be doing to much
> content writing anyway. Just a note for the future.

Per Lucas' suggestion, I've done a first draft of cleaning up the Content
page at: http://live.gnome.org/GnomeWeb/TwoPointTwentyseven/Content.  I
removed the old sitemap recommendation, and linked to it instead (see the
"Reference" section at the bottom of the page).

I also added a paragraph on getting involved, and created a table that does
a couple of things:

* Lists all pages that we discussed for the last milestone, and if they're
due for 2.28. or 2.30
* Shows pages that needed to be created, and if it maps to a page in the
2007 draft of content. and if so the original page's name and if a first
draft was completed (copy found on the test site)
* Adds an Author column - If you are interested in writing the copy for this
page, please add your name to that row (I'm going to help write copy, but
I'll wait a few days before adding my name and let everyone have a chance to
grab the pages they want to write)

A couple of things on the table:  I can't decide if it should reflect all
pages, or just what we need for 2.28.  I'm also sure we are missing
sub-pages - see the recent discussion on Developers, and Friends of GNOME is
a good example - the Friends page is called out, but if you look at wgo, we
have sub-pages that exist today wgo that are not reflected on the current
site map.  This needs to be finalized for the June 15th milestone.

Lucas also mentioned starting to draft our copy on the wiki.   I've created
pages to do that, and are linked to under "Content Development" towards the
bottom of the Content page on lgo.  If you add your name to the Author
column, feel free to start drafting copy on those pages.

Our major goal of the next milestone is just finishing the sitemap.  Looking
ahead to July 15th, we need to have Front page, About and Contact content
done, and work with the Design team to have artwork completed for those



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Good morning Marketing team!<br><br>I wanted to take a few minutes and foll=
ow up on Lucas&#39; email, and talk about next steps, and what&#39;s due fo=
r the next milestone on June 15th.<br><br><div class=3D"gmail_quote"><div>

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