Re: Google Adwords Application for Review (WAS Re: Google Adsense versus Adwords)

On Thu, 2009-05-28 at 12:54 -0600, Stormy Peters wrote:
> Any feedback or input? I'm going to submit this tomorrow. (Probably
> with some final word smithing.)
> Stormy

Yes. Please wait.

First, look at the character limits:


Free photo editing software
Use free and open source technology
to edit your photos. Supported by a
strong community of developers. 
Open standards. Technology you can

Free home and small business finance software
Don't get locked in to proprietary 
formats. Free and open source 
technology to manage your finances
securily. Used by many nonprofit

Both are over the limits.

Second, the texts are, uhm, not so good. "Supported by a strong
community of developers"? That's just creating the impression that
there's NO such community! Otherwise, why would one mention it? "Open
Standards": Who cares? (Yes, I know, we do. But we're not the target
audience, right?)

Third, the landing page of GNUCash sucks, really badly. No wonder,
everybody still screams for a port of Quicken and the other one.

It's a waste of money, since it probably could find better options with
some days work. Come on, these two application can't be the best we

Forth, we should really research better keywords, first. There are free
tools for that.

Fifth, do I understand this correctly: Somebody searching for "photo
editing" may get a GNUCash advertising?

Sorry, it's quite late here and I can't make no alternative suggestion
right now. Please don't rush. Let's work on this, first.

Or make sure we can submit another application if the first one is

Best regards,

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