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Thanks, Paul!

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 4:31 PM, Paul Cutler <pcutler foresightlinux org> wrote:
Thanks to everyone on the marketing list, but especially Stormy, Lucas and Claus for helping with this, and helping me bring it together.

The original pages to be included in the wgo revamp can be found here:

We have reviewed the current pages, and are making a recommendation to revamp these pages significantly. 

The following bullet points are our first draft of a new recommended site map.  Items in parantheses ( ) are initially out of scope for 2.28, and will be in scope for 2.30.  (Though if more writers volunteer, or if the community feels strongly about a certain page, it could be subject to change).

Please let me know your feedback and comments.  I will be updating lgo tonight to reflect these changes.

Top level navigation (We also recommend only one navigation bar, not two):


Sitemap with sub-pages:

About (Index includes project overview, history, mission, desktop, platform)
• History
• Foundation

• Desktop (
∘ Why GNOME Desktop?
∘ (Take the Tour)
‣ (Slide 1)
‣ (Slide 2)
‣ (etc.)
∘ (Testimonials)
∘ (Deployments) (Success Stories)
• Platform (
∘ Why GNOME Platform?
∘ (Take the Tour)
‣ (Slide 1)
‣ (Slide 2)
‣ (etc.)
∘ (Testimonials)
∘ (Users) (Success Stories from GNOME-based product developers)
∘ Submit your product (Instructions to encourage developers to bring their products to the GNOME platform - git, mailing lists, etc)
What about applications?

Download (Index provides overview on the subpages.)

• Distributions
• Installation
• Live Images (
• GNOME applications on Microsoft Windows
• GNOME applications on Mac OS X
• Latest sources (cgit?) / release notes

Support (Index provides pointers to End User Documentation, Forum, and Bugzilla and an overview on the subpages.)

• For System Administrators
• For Developers (get an account via mango, etc)
• (For Companies - such as commercial support options)
• (For providers)

Should we have a link to the "financial support" page? I think companies that are potential sponsors might get stuck here. 

Community (Index provides pointers News, and an overview on the subpages.)

  • User Groups
  • Participate (ie. teams)
  • Friends of GNOME 
  • Sponsors


    * Press/Media
    * Foundation
Maybe a link to projects for support?

Let me know how I can help.



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