Re: Content Milestone - Mapping


Good stuff! Some quick comments inline. Removed what I didn't comment on.

2009/5/27 Paul Cutler <pcutler foresightlinux org>:
> Thanks to everyone on the marketing list, but especially Stormy, Lucas and
> Claus for helping with this, and helping me bring it together.
> The original pages to be included in the wgo revamp can be found here:

I'd keep only the new content structure stuff in this page and have a
list of links for the previous discussions on wgo content. This would
make this page less confusing for new contributors.

> We have reviewed the current pages, and are making a recommendation to
> revamp these pages significantly.

Suggestion: map what can be reused from the previous content and how
they could fit on the newly proposed structure. IMO, we should reuse
as much content as possible.

> Download (Index provides overview on the subpages.)
> • Distributions
> • Installation
> • Live Images (
> • GNOME applications on Microsoft Windows
> • GNOME applications on Mac OS X

I'd like to see the Windows/MacOS bits postoned now. I think they
deserve a bit more thought (together with the whole apps content in

I need to update the milestones to better match the proposed structure.


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