wgo - Get Started

And last but not least for our discussion today, - "Get Started".

Here is the original planning page:  http://live.gnome.org/GnomeWeb/WgoGetStarted

In addition to the content on this page that features distributions users can try, the sub-pages include:

* Live images (download a live image, similar to torrents.gnome.org)
* New developers (When we start working on content, we'll need to discuss how it's different than Get Involved, but we have some tiem)
* GNOME on Windows

To Claus' point in an earlier email, these pages, when we start working on the content itself, will need a strong call to action, directing users to get and try GNOME.  I wanted to recommend GNOME products other than just the desktop to be added, but when you think of an average user, how would they get / download and try something, like GNOME mobile?  (Moblin?).  I don't think an average user looking to learn more about GNOME is ready to run something like Moblin in a VM.

What other pages would you like to see added, if any?


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