Re: wgo - Get Involved

Paul Cutler wrote:
With the discussion around sponsors & Friends of GNOME in previous email threads makes this page timely.

Per the last planning session (, the recommendation was:

*Get Involved* - Who can help and why, stressing several types of users and tasks apart from developers-hacking. Where to meet us, online (lists, forums IRC) and offline (local groups, events).

Would it make sense to put some of those things under some kind of Community-top level (but perhaps called something else)? I sometimes feel we're having a hard time attracting new contributors, so making contributing these kind of things one less click away would probably be good.
This would mean:

Get involved (contribute):
* Spread GNOME
* QA
* All the stuff under get involved (but at a higher level) such as art&design, a11y, i10n, usability, coding etc.

* Store
* Donate
* Business
* Public sector


      <> Bring your
      project - Hosting, bugzilla, GNOME "certification", how to get
      into the release.

Isn't some level of trust inside the community needed for the first two points?
Do we have some clear rules on what the third thing is?
Are the forth perhaps better propagated on the Planet and with links to wiki?
- Andreas

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