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So let's talk about this for a second - when you look at the top level navigation at the test site you have, from left to right:

Home / Get Involved / Get Started / Take the Tour / About

Should we be adding a new tab?  "Donate?"  I personally don't recommend "Support" - to me that always shouts "get tech support", but I'd love to hear other opinions.

If we create a new top level page for it, what goes there?  Right now. under About we have this page: that just explains the Foundation at a high level and links to  If we have some kind of "Donate" page do we have:

* Friends of GNOME
* Sponsors (break out the logos from at the bottom)

What else?


On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 8:22 AM, Stormy Peters <stormy gnome org> wrote:

On Wed, May 20, 2009 at 8:28 PM, Paul Cutler <pcutler foresightlinux org> wrote:

One thing I might recommend is to break out Friends of GNOME and / or "Donate" from "Get Involved".  To me, Get Involved is about helping and writing code, docs or translations.  While the Friends of GNOME program could fit in here, do we want a more prominent position that includes Friends of GNOME, and some of the discussion about corporate partners (including different levels of donations for them and a page of their logos) similar to the discussion that's being discussed on the marketing list.

I agree. To me "Get involved" is how do I get involved in the project and should have everything from writing code to translating to helping out at conferences but should not be focused on donations.

I think (but certainly don't know) that people that have a project they want to have included in GNOME are likely to know lots of GNOME people and ask on IRC or something, not search on the website.


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