Call for ideas around Logo and Tag-Line for the GNOME.Asia 2009


GNOME.Asia Summit 2009 is being planned to be held in India this year
(possibly during November/December).

As part of the tradition, this is a call for a tag-line/theme for the
Summit and, along side, a call for logo for it as well.

This year, we plan to have a larger coverage in terms of users,
developers, folks doing mobile especially GNOME Mobile, ISVs and,
possibly participants from other desktop environment projects.

So, I'd request some ideation around the tag-line/theme that sort of
captures the essence of the participants and makes it compelling for
them to visit, attend and participate.

Some of the ideas that the group of folks working on this have been
chalking down:

GNOME - making your desktop work for you
GNOME - technologies for the future
FRee & Easy Everywhere: Building Tomorrow's User Interfaces Today

but, these aren't the only ones ought there and, we are pretty sure
that a collective wisdom would work out much better.


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