Re: new foundation website layout

Brian Cameron wrote:

Overall, the proposed new look is refreshing and looks good.  I like
the overall look and feel.

However, I feel that there is a lack of images.  It would be nice to
have some images that relate to programs and events the Foundation has
helped to support.  A GUADEC logo or the GOPA logo[2] seems the sort of
thing that would fit in well somewhere.  Also, perhaps some photographs
of successful events would liven up the page that talks about the good
things the Foundation has done in the past.
Good point. I didn't think about photos at all. My thinking this far have been to focus more on simple illustrations to illustrate something or support big blocks of text. However, every once in a while, you'll probably need a photo. I'll try to come up with a good form for this during the week.
- Andreas

As people seems to like the Foundation folder look and feel, I felt it
was time to update the website as well.

Here are some sketches:

The idea is a clean and light layout that feels professional, but not

Me and Kalle Persson can implement it as html+css.
It would be cool to update some of the texts as well. I think we can
cut&paste some stuff from the folder texts, but I we can probably do
some cleaning up of the ones currently on the website as well. Anyone
interested in grabbing that?
Any new content we would want to go in there while we're at it?
- Andreas
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