Re: Getting ready for 2.26

Le mercredi 04 mars 2009, à 02:19 +0100, Andreas Nilsson a écrit :
> Vincent Untz wrote:
>> Did people on this list start thinking a bit about how to promote GNOME
>> 2.26? Are there new stuff that we could do to celebrate this release?
> I've seen some stuff here and there related to performance like Behdad's  
> log in performance, Tomboy cutting 10 megs on startup etc. (I'm sure  
> people can think of others).
> If I get some good numbers, I can put together some nice looking  
> diagrams of this (I think we had some of those in a earlier release too).

You probably want to ask Alex about nautilus figures too.
(and I guess a mail on performance-list, or a blog on Planet GNOME will
get you more details on other similar improvements)


Les gens heureux ne sont pas pressés.

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