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Looking through the list, I added some links to pertinent information in other parts of the wiki - like the StoryBoards page, and existing presentations, and Willie Walker's excellent screencasts of accessibility features (everyone should go look - a model for how I'd like to see us build up demo material that people can follow in their own presentations: Might be an idea to have 2 sections in the GNOME Video contest - one for "best screencast demo" and one for "best ad" or whatever.

Some other comments on the tasks: counting users & having a "State of GNOME" presentation aren't one-time tasks, they're ongoing tasks. I'd suggest using Stormy's excellent "State of GNOME" presentation as the basis for any future SoG presentations, with changes made as needed.

For the CRM, Stormy can give a status update, but a CRM with a fairly significant number of user licences should be up & running for us now. That will help with any number of tasks - listing user group representatives, donors, potential presenters & ambassadors, potential sponsors, names of people in the press team, ...

I also noticed that all attachments before Stormy's last presentation got wiped off the MarketingMaterial/Presentations page.

In fact, they didn't get wiped, they're still there, attached to the MarketingMaterial page. Someone moved part of that page to a sub-page, resulting in the broken links. And left the original "Presentations" section intact on the old page. And didn't link to the "Presentations" page from MarketingMaterial.

Can we please take care when "tidying" the wiki of issues like these? It greatly reduces the usefulness of the MarketingMaterial page when it's very long, and a bunch of really useful & relevant material is moved to a sub-page with no link from the original page, or moved to the bottom under "Old stuff". Let's not do the two steps forward, one step back dance, please.

For presentations, we have an issue - we're currently linking to a lot of presentations on sites that may go away. We have not been gathering files together into one place, which would be useful. Anyone have suggestions on how we can address this issue? We could start using the GNOME FTP server again, as we did in 03, 04, 05... are there any better ideas?


Paul Cutler wrote:
Hi Marketing Team,

I don't know if anyone has had an opportunity lately to review the list of Tasks on the Marketing page on <> at There are a lot of great ideas, and it's organized by active tasks, non-active and then by one-time tasks and ongoing tasks.

It can be a bit overwhelming browsing through everything we want to do!

I don't know about you, but I organize stuff a little differently, and I'm a little more goal oriented, so I re-organized some of the tasks and tried to assign due dates. You can review at

I've also continued to work on GNOME 3.0 Marketing. A couple days ago I posted a link to some potential campaign ideas, and that ties to marketing calendar I've started in It includes potential marketing vehicles and outlines development time for the various vehicles and launch dates. The download link is posted on

Help I need from the marketing team:

* Review the marketing campaign ideas and give feedback ( * Review the marketing calendar and give feedback ( (What is missing? Do we have enough time built in for planning and developing these activities? Are they the right activities, and what you recommend?) * Review the current task list ( (Is it up to date? If your name is on something, are you still working on it? What else should we be thinking about?) * Review the 2009 tasks ( (Are they prioritized correctly, or should some tasks move months? What else would you want to add? Change?)

They're wiki pages, so please feel free to edit, or give feedback via email.




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